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It’s the day of the big game.

You’ve filled up your car, truck, or trailer with a six-pack, some hot dogs, and a charcoal grill.  You’re having a fun time with some of your buddies.  You’re tossing the pigskin and eating some grilled sausages.  But this is the BIG GAME! You need a cooker that makes you feel like the true BBQ Master you are.  You want to smell ribs, brisket, and pork butt smoking on your brand spanking new Onyx Barbecue Oven.

BBQ Guru spread

You’re a Football Fan – a FANATIC – and you deserve to be the king of the parking lot.  This football season, live the tailgate of your dreams with the help of BBQ Guru.  For four weeks, starting on October 30th and ending on November 27th, BBQ Guru fans across the country will have an opportunity to enter the GURU MY TAILGATE contest. The grand prize winner will get the nation’s love, and a brand-new Onyx Oven!

Onyx Ovens

How can you get into this action? It’s simple, tell us why YOU deserve to have your tailgate Guru’d!

Each week we will pick three of our favorite entries – the funniest, the silliest, the most touching, the ones that get our attention –  who tell us in 100 words or less what they love about tailgating and why they need to up their game with an Onyx Oven smoker (worth approximately $1000).  The top 3 each week will get some cool BBQ Guru swag, and more importantly, they will be entered into the final round.

Beginning November 28th, we will announce the finalists, and the public will vote on their favorite entry. The one that gets the most votes by December 5th will receive a brand new Onyx Oven just in time to smoke the Christmas turkey when the Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers.

So head over to our Facebook page and tell us your reasons why YOU should have your Tailgate Guru’d.

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BBQ Experts Deliver the World’s First and Only Battery Operated BBQ Temperature Control

October 30, 2011 (Warminster, PA) –The BBQ Guru, maker of the world’s most accurate temperature controls for charcoal BBQs, today announced the release of the PartyQ.  The easy-to-use PartyQ controls the temperature of charcoal or wood burning grills within a few degrees of accuracy.  The BBQ Guru gives backyard BBQers the taste of charcoal cooking with the control of their kitchen oven. Even a novice outdoor cook can make competitive-quality, low and slow BBQ with the PartyQ.

“The PartyQ is the ultimate tool for both novice and expert low and slow chefs who don’t want to spend all of their time hovering over their grill or smoker,” said Director of Marketing, Bob Trudnak. “We are thrilled that The BBQ Guru engineering team has created the most modestly priced temperature control device on the market without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.”

The PartyQ was created with the serious to semi-serious BBQ chef in mind. The product was inspired by cooks who love to serve BBQ at their parties, but end up spending the entire time adjusting dampers and making sure the temperature of their cooker remains consistent, a must when preparing quality BBQ.

The PartyQ has a temperature range of 32°F to 475°F and displays cooking temperature in degrees of Fahrenheit or Celsius. The rugged, armored design comes with a high-temperature probe that attaches to the grill grate.  Once the desired temperature is set on the PartyQ, the proprietary Power Draft Technology kicks in, using a fan to control the airflow to the fire when necessary and makes adjustments as it goes.  The PartyQ fits most standard charcoal grill/smoker types and is currently on sale on the company’s website, www.TheBBQGuru.com, for $129.00. The PartyQ for ceramic grills will be $139 and include an adaptor for that particular grill.

Other features of The PartyQ include:

-        Design for use with small and medium charcoal grills and smokers

-        Uses the same accurate technology as all the BBQ Guru controls

-        Self contained control and 5 cfm fan system

-        Runs on 4 AA batteries

-        Large LCD display

-        At-a-glance bi-colored LED cooking status

The BBQ Guru has become a trusted name in BBQ since its founding in 2003. The company’s owner, Shotgun Fred, invented the first temperature control technology of it’s kind for charcoal and wood burning cookers.  Their DigiQ temperature controls and Onyx Charcoal Oven have become mainstays at BBQ competitions around the world.  The company currently has four different temperature control devices for sale on its website.


The BBQ Guru is the maker of high quality, accurate, and reliable competitive and backyard BBQ cooking tools and products. The company was the first to introduce a line of temperature controls for charcoal and wood-burning cookers. In 2010, the BBQ Guru BBQ Team was named #2 in the world at the Jack Daniels Championship for its consistently mouth-watering barbecue, cooked with its own temperature controls and products. BBQ Guru temperature controls, cookers, and other equipment are made in the USA. More information can be found at www.TheBBQGuru.com or www.Facebook.com/TheBBQGuru.

PartyQ Photo

Last week, I traveled down to South Georgia to pick up some BBQ equipment. From where I live in Montgomery County, PA, the trip to Georgia is a pretty straight shot – just a little bit under 1000 miles down I-95.


As I’ve done countless times while traveling on the competitive BBQ circuit, I hit cruise control a few miles outside of Philadelphia and let my truck do the work.

Cruise control always makes my trips much easier. I love the feeling of the truck shifting gears when it’s going up an incline or downshifting when it’s hurdling down a hill. I always know it’ll keep me on course to reach my destination at the speed I need.

Somewhere around Baltimore, I started comparing: The DigiQ and the rest of BBQ Guru’s temperature control devices are the cruise control for the BBQ enthusiast! Think about it – choosing the temperature for your cooker is choosing the speed you want to travel.  The fan feeding the fire and laying back are the gears shifting to keep the car at the specified speed. Cruise control keeps you from burning your food (getting a speeding ticket) or cooking it for too long (arriving late) and it allows you to relax and enjoy the trip (all while keeping a careful eye on the road, of course).

So when you are tailgating this football season or just having guests over on a nice fall weekend, opt for cruise control by using the DigiQ. Sit back, enjoy the scenery, and let the BBQ Guru get your food to the temperature you want it to be. I promise you and your passengers will love the destination!

Kenny and Bob

Last Saturday, BBQ Guru teamed up with 94 WYSP and had a barbeque for the ages in one lucky Philadelphia area listener’s backyard. The rules of the Backyard BBQ were simple: send in photos of your backyard along with an explanation of why WYSP and BBQ Guru should come to your house. While there were many deserving applicants, none stuck out quite like Jenifer Klepesky. Not only is she a mother of seven, but her husband is one of Philadelphia’s finest – Officer Jim Klepesky.

So from 10 am – 3 pm on Saturday, WYSP and BBQ Guru took over the Klepesky backyard, broadcasting live and barbequing up a storm. The WYSP extreme team entertained the army of kids while DJs Jennifer Reed, Spike, and Gordon broadcasted live. The BBQ Guru Competition team served close to 100 pulled pork sandwiches with some peach-infused baked beans. (Cooking at some of the most cutthroat BBQ competitions across that country was nothing compared to preparing food for a Philadelphia police officer’s hungry friends and family.)

Backyard BBQ Jim

The party was a blast. We met some great people, played some Guitar Hero, and got some airtime on WYSP! A special thank you to the Klepesky family for being such gracious hosts. We hope we made your two-year-old daughter Veronica’s birthday one for the ages.

Backyard BBQ Bob on air

We can’t wait for the next Backyard BBQ, which is scheduled for August 20th. Danny Bonaduce and the morning show crew will be coming this time around –and it could be in your backyard! WYSP will be accepting applications for the next Backyard BBQ within the next week or so – keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter page for more information!

Backyard BBQ Jen Bob Spike

BBQ Blog 1

Throughout the competition BBQ season, our BBQ Guru team makes many trips – both near and far – and gains an appreciation for the distinctive personalities of the different competitions. Like a good BBQ spread, the competition circuit offers an array of different flavors and, after many seasons, you begin to get a taste for which competitions you enjoy the most. Last weekend, we packed up the trailer and headed to one of our favorite destinations of the season: The New Jersey State BBQ Championship in North Wildwood, NJ.

There are many reasons why we look forward to this event every year. It’s a well organized and local competition, we get to see many of our good friends who compete, and of course it doesn’t hurt that it’s held right next to the beach.

BBG Blog Friends

We arrived Friday morning to beautiful weather and set up shop about 50 yards from the North Wildwood beachfront. We met up with friends, had some cold beers, and were all set for a picture perfect weekend. Even a massive storm that came through that evening and flooded the competition parking lot couldn’t dampen the mood.

BBQ Blog Flood

The NJ State Championship has a fun tradition. At the cook’s meeting on Friday night, they announce a “secret ingredient” for an Iron Chef style competition. This year’s ingredient was a whole turkey. We chose to roast the turkey breast in the Onyx Oven with a BBQ rub and turn in a roast turkey club on sour dough bread with basil infused mayo. We thought it looked and tasted great – we finished in the top 3rd for that competition.

The main event was an even greater success. We feel like we turned in great food and thankfully it showed in the results. We took 3rd overall out of 66 teams.

BBQ Blog food

We are also very proud to report that our sponsored team, Fat Angel, took Grand Champion. Our good friends Lo’-N’-Slo’ BBQ took Reserve Grand Champion, using a DigiQ on their cooker. That means the top three teams all used BBQ Guru products, setting up a “Guru sweep”! We’re thrilled to see more and more teams every year using BBQ Guru products and having such success with them.

As we pulled onto the Garden State Parkway out of North Wildwood we couldn’t help but feel a little sad that it was over. However, we’ll be back. Our third place finish guarantees us a spot in the event next year. ‘Til next year, North Wildwood!


As you may have noticed from our Facebook postings, BBQ Guru made our television debut yesterday on NBC Philadelphia’s  The 10! Show. We brought along our trusty Onyx Oven, Weber, and of course the DigiQ and set up shop on NBC’s patio on City Line Avenue.

A rainy morning turned to sunshine (and the sunshine turned to blistering heat) as our Sweet and Spicy Ribs, Pomegranate Maple BBQ Glaze, and ABTs began smoking and the fans lined up outside the studio. Once everything was set up and organized, we had the pleasure of listening to the band Ronstadt Generations go through sound check.

I felt pretty well prepared and confident leading up to the segment, and surprisingly wasn’t overly nervous. However, my stomach churned just a little as the guy putting on my microphone told me, “Nothing to be nervous about – only a million people will be watching.” What a pep talk.

The segment itself went by so fast. We showed how to trim ribs, assemble ABTs (Atomic Buffalo Turds were renamed the TV friendly Atomic Buffalo Treats), and before I knew it Lu Ann was biting into the ribs and thanking me for my time. It wasn’t until I got home and watched for myself that I realized how long we were on. Once the segment was over, interns and members of the crew came out to the patio and enjoyed some ribs and ABTs with us.

We really had a blast. I want to thank everyone at the 10! Show for having us on and spreading the word of the BBQ Guru. Everyone was extremely helpful and we hope to come back to the show one day.

Take a look at the segment below and let us know what you think!

- BBQ Bob

Barbequing with The Guru

At BBQ Guru, we pride ourselves on making high quality, top-notch products. We know the frustration of spending your hard earned money on a product online, waiting patiently for it to arrive in the mail, only to open the box to find a flimsy and hastily assembled product. This is a feeling we never want our customers to experience. When our customers buy anything from BBQ Guru – be it a one of our four temperature controls or just rubs and spices –we want them to be confident they are getting a high end product that will help them optimize their BBQ experience.

With the release of the BBQ Guru’s Onyx Oven, we believed that we have delivered another quality product that our customers will love. From the Onyx Oven’s insulated, double wall construction to the stainless steel shelves, we took the time to make sure every component of our cooker is high caliber. The easy to use charcoal oven is extremely fuel efficient, with the ability to run for over 20 hours on seven pounds of charcoal.  It’s also the only charcoal cooker specifically designed for our temperature controls. This allows you to spend more time entertaining guests at your BBQ and less time hovering over the cooker.

The Onyx Oven is a timely purchase. With Father’s day quickly approaching, the Onyx Oven is the perfect gift for dad. Also, summer BBQs and tailgates are in full swing and Fourth of July parties are just around the corner. The Onyx Oven will help you step your game up for summer cookouts. (We have included a recipe at the end of this blog.) It will also give your indoor oven a rest this summer – saving you energy and keeping your house cool.

Please take the time to look at our new site specifically created for the release of the Onyx Oven (www.OnyxOven.com). We know how passionate our customers are about BBQ, which is why we have created a cooker that’s quality will match your passion.

BBQ Bob’s Barbeque Pulled Pork

First things first Allow about 11 hours total for this process. Get your Smoker lit and set it to 275° F. Use hardwood lump charcoal if possible.

Apple and hickory are two of my favorite woods for smoking. Be careful not to use too much. A chunk or a hand of chips of each wood is plenty. Place the wood into the lit coals about 15 minutes before the meat goes on.

Smoker Set up: You should be cooking indirect. If you smoker/grill is set up with the coals directly under the food, you need to place a drip pan between the pork and coals or move your coals to one side and put your pork on the other.

The right cut of Pork:

1 8-9 lb bone-in Boston Butt (ask butcher)

Brine/Injection  (make this the night before)

1 cup kosher salt
2 cups brown sugar
5 cups apple cider/juice
2 tbs Worcestershire sauce

Heat apple juice in a saucepot and add sugar, salt and Worcestershire sauce. Simmer for 10 minutes or until all ingredients are dissolved.

When brine is cool, inject into pork at all angles and get as much liquid into the pork as possible.


I use Slabs, Perk Up Your Pork Rub

To make your own rub:

2 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp chili powder
½ tsp cumin
½ tsp black pepper
1 tsp. turbinado sugar
½ tsp garlic powder
1 tsp. celery seed
½ tsp white pepper

Apply rub to all sides of the pork butt liberally.

Once pork is completely coated in rub, open a bottle of beer and drink it. You have done a great job so far.

Once your Smoker is at temperature place the pork into the smoker/grill over the drip pan and let cook for about 4-5 hours or until the internal temperature reaches 165-170° F.

Wrap with heavy duty foil and pour 1 cup of apple juice into the foil with the pork. Wrap tightly and let cook until the internal temperature reaches approximately 204° F. or the pork is fork tender.

Let the foil wrapped pork rest for two hours in a cooler (w/o ice to come down in temperature very slowly. Open foil after two hours and pull pork apart loosely with hands. Place sauce on side for people to choose if they want sauce on their sandwich.

The Company that Invented the First Temperature Control Device for Low and Slow Barbequing Presents Its Own Cooker

June 15, 2011 (Warminster, PA) – BBQ Guru, the company that invented the first technology of its kind to control cooking temperatures for charcoal or wood-burning cookers, today announced the release of its cooker, The Onyx Oven. This easy-to-use charcoal oven is extremely fuel efficient, with the ability to run for over 20 hours on seven pounds of charcoal. The Onyx Oven is the first cooker to come with a custom made DigiQ temperature control, making it the most accurate and reliable on the market.


“The engineering and cooking teams at The BBQ Guru have been working hard on the design and function of the new Onyx Oven,” said Director of Marketing, Bob Trudnak. “We wanted a cooker that was extremely efficient and rugged, yet lightweight and versatile. After building many prototypes and cooking on them week after week at BBQ competitions around the country, we are ready to release the Onyx Oven.  No other cooker available on the market today offers the quality of this design with the accuracy that comes with a DigiQ temperature control.  This oven makes great BBQ every time.”

The 90 lb. Onyx Oven holds four 13”x22” shelves with an ideal capacity for backyard BBQ enthusiasts and competition BBQers alike. For any outdoor cook, the Onyx Oven allows the chef to use many cooking styles including:
Jerky drying
Cold smoking cheese, fish, etc.
Slow cooked barbeque (pulled pork, brisket, ribs, etc.)
Baking breads
Baking casseroles, beans, stews and desserts
Roasting meats and vegetables
Grilling steaks, burgers, brats and more

The Onyx Oven’s insulated, double wall construction makes it very fuel efficient, allowing for long burn times with very low charcoal consumption. The stainless steel catering pan can be used as a removable water/drip pan. This gives the Onyx Oven the ability to be used as a water smoker, a dry smoker, a grill or even a warming oven. The Onyx Oven is currently available on the company’s website, packaged with a DigiQ control system for $1175. If you already own a control, it can be purchased for $995.

BBQ Guru has become a trusted name in BBQ over the past seven years. The company’s engineers invented the first technology of its kind that allows charcoal or wood-burning cookers to be controlled within two degrees of accuracy, making them as reliable as ovens. The Onyx Oven joins a wide selection of high-quality BBQ Guru products, making it the go-to company for all competitive and backyard BBQ cooking tools and products.

About BBQ Guru
BBQ Guru is the maker of high-quality, accurate, and reliable competitive and backyard BBQ cooking tools and products.  The company was the first to introduce a line of temperature controls for charcoal- and wood-burning cookers.  In 2010, the BBQ Guru BBQ Team was named #2 in the world for its consistently mouth-watering BBQ, cooked with its own temperature controls and products.  BBQ Guru temperature controls, oven, and other equipment are made in the USA.  More information can be found at www.TheBBQGuru.com or www.Facebook.com/TheBBQGuru or see the Onyx Oven web site at www.onyxoven.com.

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Bob Trudnak (left) and Kenny Baker cut up ribs that have just come from the smoker.

Bob Trudnak (left) and Kenny Baker cut up ribs that have just come from
the smoker.

See the entire story: BBQ Gurus Bucks County Courier Times

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At BBQ Guru we take our barbeque seriously. From the time we buy the meat at the local butcher to the first bite of brisket, we take pride in crafting a culinary masterpiece. We know that cooking low and slow takes time and patience, but the reward is always worth the wait.

As businesslike as we are about barbeque, we still like to have a good time. There’s nothing better than having some friends and family over in the summer to enjoy some cold drinks, listen to some good music, and cook some barbeque. Unfortunately, too many times the host ends up constantly checking on the temperature of the cooker and the meat. By the time everything is prepared, you realized you’ve missed half of your own party by obsessing over the barbeque.

That’s why we at BBQ Guru invented the first technology of its kind that controls temperature for low and slow cooking in charcoal or wood-burning cookers and it does it within a few degrees of accuracy. For the BBQer, this means that they have predictability and consistency with their meats without having to constantly monitor their cooker. We have four different model temperature controls, all of which will work with all cookers and give you the freedom to entertain your guest while the Guru keeps a careful eye on the meat. At the end of the day you’ll have a perfectly prepared piece of meat without the hassle of hovering over your cooker.

As barbeque season is about to hit full swing, make this the summer that you’re the BBQ Guru on your block. Our website has everything you need, from smokers to charcoal to rubs and sauce – we have all the tools to help you make the jump from hot dogs and hamburgers to falling-off-the-bone ribs and chicken.

So dominate this barbeque season.  Own your Fourth of July party and wow everyone at the tailgate. You have it in you – and you’ve got the Guru in your corner.

This BBQ Guru blog will discuss everything BBQ. From recipes, tips, tools, and tricks to be the best BBQer you can be. We will also keep you in the know about how The BBQ Guru Cook-off team fairs this season, and when we’ll be coming to a town near you!