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bbq toolsSo what does it take to become the Kansas Barbecue Society’s Team of the Year?  According to Dan Hixon, leader of the 2012 winner, 3 Eyz BBQ, it’s precision above all else.  The 3 Eyz team, comprised of Tracy Hixon, Chris Hall, Dan McGrath, Eric Frase and Dan Hixon, say being a winner also takes a lot of hard work.  Just last year, Dan and his team posted these stats:

33-the number of competitions attended in 2012
11-the number of Grand Championships won in 2012
6-the number of Reserve Grand Championships won in 2012

That’s just part of the story.  Earning 2886 points over the course of the year and surpassing more than 4,000 other competitors, also requires consistency. 

Dan started his BBQ career in 2005, after being inspired by shows on the Food Network.  Born and raised in Chicago, he did not grow up in a BBQ culture despite the fact that we know the Windy City can cook.  Upon moving south to Owings Mills, MD, Dan found himself in the land of pulled pork.  Ribs were his passion and he supplemented his work as an environmental consultant by day with BBQ competitions in neighboring Maryland towns on the weekends.  It was around this time that he discovered the BBQ Guru and began using our controls to transition into more diverse and sophisticated BBQ.  In 2010, Dan and his team had their biggest break when they were featured on TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters, cooking a “turducken.

Since the beginning and throughout the competition process, the BBQ Guru products have proven to be one of the most crucial elements to Dan and his team’s success. He says his control helps him maintain a temperature always within five degrees of target. This is especially helpful in competition where everything needs to be presented within a 10-minute window. Dan and his team are able to trust that the tools are working for hours at a time, and they are able to rest during the grueling competition process.

Dan’s love for BBQ Guru extends to his home, and he frequently cooks for family and friends in addition to competition. “I never go a week without using BBQ Guru,” he says, referring to the broad selection of tools.  Dan believes in BBQ Guru products being useful for everyone, not just competitive BBQers adding, “I think everybody needs one of them, there’s [a model] for everyone.”  Dan’s personal favorite is the DigiQ DX2.

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