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Cool news from the BBQ universe: Last month Jord Althuizen from Smokey Goodness, a BBQ Guru sponsored cook-off team from the Netherlands, broke the Guinness World Record for individual BBQ marathon. According to Guinness, a “BBQ marathon” consists of food being continuously cooked and consumed. Using Big Green Eggs and a BBQ Guru CyberQ WiFi, Jord cooked up some pulled pork, Marquez sausages, chicken thighs, bratwursts and baked potatoes for over 42 hours – breaking existing record of 32 hours. BBQ Guru is proud to have been a part of such an awesome feat that occurred so far away. In addition, Jord raised over $3,000 and donated 42 pigs to Thai families in need through the foundation Give A Pig

Jord sent us over some of the information about his experience, which we have included below. Congratulations, Jord – we’re glad the Guru could help!


The record-breaking attempt was quite a challenge on its own. We had to postpone the start for several hours due to a storm that came through just as we were setting up. While some friends were hanging on to our tent we bolted it down to the square with industrial bands. Due to the delay we had to drastically change our plans: the record we were going to break no longer was the 48 hour BBQ marathon by a team but the then current 32 hour individual BBQ marathon. Not afraid of a challenge, I set the mark at pushing the record for quite some hours and aimed at 44 hours non-stop bbq’ing. In gusting winds and poring rain I started the attempt at 09:10 pm.


The hardest parts were the hours between 03:00 and 06:00 am at night. There was nobody on site besides the security guards and a few of my friends there to support me. As the rules of Guinness stated that all food prepped had to be eaten they sure had there tummies stuffed with all the pulled pork, Marquez sausages, chicken thighs, bratwursts and baked potatoes that came of the Big Green eggs in those hours.


On the final day of the record attempt the Dutch BBQ championships were held. Whilst different teams from the Netherlands and Belgium were battling for the honorable title and prize money I was fighting a battle of my own. Being awake for more then 60 hours the tiredness (and crankiness) set in big time. But as the finishing time came closer I seemed to gain some energy. After breaking the record and tallying up the results I got to announce the amount of money and with that the total amount of pigs we were donating to the Thai Charity foundation Giveapig.com. In total we raised little over €2.500 (about $3.000) and donated 42 pigs to Thai families in need. If the weather would have been better more funds would have been raised, just another reason to break the record once more ;-)


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