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Written by BBQ Guru Senior Account Executive Lisa Jo Goetter


Working at BBQ Guru, customers are often surprised to hear a woman answer the phone (and even more surprised at my wealth of knowledge about barbecue). This is something I’ve gotten used to. The fact is that while the number of women who barbecue recreationally or compete on the competitive barbecue circuit are increasing, the BBQ community still remains a predominantly male world. A large percentage of the women who call the Guru headquarters are inquiring about products for their boyfriends or husbands. A large percentage of those women make up the group known as BBQ Widows.

BBQ Widows are women (and in some cases men) whose spouses spend more time barbecuing then they do with their wife or husband. Between researching new recipes, trips to find the perfect cut of meat, and weekends spent at competitions barbecuing begins to seem less like a hobby and more like a wedge in your relationship! However, of all the complaints I hear from BBQ Widows, it’s the hovering over the grill that bothers them the most. The obsessing over grill temperature and adjusting dampers over the course of a 6-hour cook-time is the BBQ Widow’s biggest, and most fixable pet peeve.

The fact that BBQ Guru has found a solution for this relationship-wrecker has made us the BBQ Widow’s best friend. Guru products have made grill-hovering a problem of the past. Our line of temperature control devices keep the cook-temp consistent so that husbands can step away from the grill and spend more time with their wives. Last spring, we released another product that has saved many women from becoming BBQ Widows – the Onyx Oven. The Onyx Oven is the first cooker to come with a built-in temperature control device.

So this Valentine’s Day, get your husband a PartyQ or DigiQ and make sure that you don’t become a BBQ Widow yourself. While it may not seem like the most romantic gift, it will allow you and your BBQ loving man to spend more time together.

Finally, if you still are unsure about what a BBQ Widow is, I’ll leave you with a list. You know you’re a BBQ Widow when…

-       Every weekend there is another excuse to barbecue. “I have to cook this weekend – it’s Arbor Day!”

-       Your jealousy of your husband’s smoker is no longer masked

-       The smell of smoke on your bed sheets no longer bothers you

-       You’ve given up trying to find the pepper-shaker amongst the barbecue rubs in your spice drawer

-       You actually know what part of a pig the pork butt comes from

-       Your husband buys you bacon scented perfume for Valentines Day

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