0 Super Bowl Party Tips Part 1: Braving the Elements

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Barbecue is one of the best all-time tailgating foods. The run-of-the-mill tailgate fare will feature hot dogs, hamburgers, and a bag of chips. A well-organized and orchestrated tailgate will feature an impressive spread of delicious barbecue – ribs, chicken, and some brisket. For the serious tailgater, anything else would be uncivilized. Why should your guests expect anything less at your Super Bowl party?

For some reason, the cold weather at this time makes a lot of people think it’s out of the question to serve BBQ at a Super Bowl party or tailgate. In the past, this line of thought was understandable. Even the most avid football / BBQ fans don’t necessarily want to spend the day leading up to the big game outdoors in Lambeau-esque conditions.

The days of constantly braving the elements to check on the temperature of your cooker are long gone. Our line of temperature control devices will ensure that your food is being low-and-slow cooked at the necessary temperature. This will allow you to stay inside your warm home watching the pregame coverage and enjoying the weekend.

As veterans on the competitive barbecue circuit, we’ve seen our fair share of cold and nasty weather. Here are a few insider tips for keeping warm while cooking:

1) Get yourself an ATC! (Automatic temperature control) The BBQ Guru temperature controls allow you to stay warm while your grill/smoker runs at the perfect temperature.

2) Place your smoker on a side of the house that blocks with wind. If this is not possible, use a canopy with sides. This will keep the cold off of you and your smoker!

3) Use the warmth of your smoker to your advantage! Most insulated smokers get warm on the outside but not hot. Stay close to your cooker but be careful not to burn yourself.

Be sure to look out for our blog next week, when we’ll provide New York and New England inspired recipes that will make your Super Bowl party a hit.

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