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Drum roll, please. Gus Campanario is the winner of the inaugural Guru My Tailgate Contest with his essay The Ballad of the BBQ Bumbler! His poem was one of our favorites at Guru Headquarters and voters seemed to “like” it just as much. The Ballad received 35% of the total votes!

We commend Gus for his clever wordplay and Shakespearian prose. Your tailgate has officially been Guru’d, Gus, as we bestow upon you the Onyx Oven. May future BBQ poets write psalms about the legendary meats you smoke with this cooker.

Congratulations also go to runners up Kevin Kulp and Brian Corbett with 24 and 18 percentage of the votes.  We applaud your passion for BBQ and tailgating.

For anyone who missed it, here is The Ballad of The BBQ Bumbler by Gus Campanario:

The Ballad of the BBQ Bumbler

Listen my children and you will hear- the sad story of a man you should fear. His name is a legend known far and wide… the BBQ Bumbler is a man from which you should hide. Yes I am that man who knows no fear. Show me the charcoal- but just don’t stand too near. I smoke ‘em and I sear ‘em… my eyebrows I do mean- but you should taste my steaks all juicy not lean! I deserve to not suffer for my art or my meal… an Onyx Oven win would be quite the steal! My tailgating legend will grow within my own mind.. follow the smell of the perfect BBQ and my tailgate you will find.

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