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BBQ Experts Deliver the World’s First and Only Battery Operated BBQ Temperature Control

October 30, 2011 (Warminster, PA) –The BBQ Guru, maker of the world’s most accurate temperature controls for charcoal BBQs, today announced the release of the PartyQ.  The easy-to-use PartyQ controls the temperature of charcoal or wood burning grills within a few degrees of accuracy.  The BBQ Guru gives backyard BBQers the taste of charcoal cooking with the control of their kitchen oven. Even a novice outdoor cook can make competitive-quality, low and slow BBQ with the PartyQ.

“The PartyQ is the ultimate tool for both novice and expert low and slow chefs who don’t want to spend all of their time hovering over their grill or smoker,” said Director of Marketing, Bob Trudnak. “We are thrilled that The BBQ Guru engineering team has created the most modestly priced temperature control device on the market without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.”

The PartyQ was created with the serious to semi-serious BBQ chef in mind. The product was inspired by cooks who love to serve BBQ at their parties, but end up spending the entire time adjusting dampers and making sure the temperature of their cooker remains consistent, a must when preparing quality BBQ.

The PartyQ has a temperature range of 32°F to 475°F and displays cooking temperature in degrees of Fahrenheit or Celsius. The rugged, armored design comes with a high-temperature probe that attaches to the grill grate.  Once the desired temperature is set on the PartyQ, the proprietary Power Draft Technology kicks in, using a fan to control the airflow to the fire when necessary and makes adjustments as it goes.  The PartyQ fits most standard charcoal grill/smoker types and is currently on sale on the company’s website, www.TheBBQGuru.com, for $129.00. The PartyQ for ceramic grills will be $139 and include an adaptor for that particular grill.

Other features of The PartyQ include:

-        Design for use with small and medium charcoal grills and smokers

-        Uses the same accurate technology as all the BBQ Guru controls

-        Self contained control and 5 cfm fan system

-        Runs on 4 AA batteries

-        Large LCD display

-        At-a-glance bi-colored LED cooking status

The BBQ Guru has become a trusted name in BBQ since its founding in 2003. The company’s owner, Shotgun Fred, invented the first temperature control technology of it’s kind for charcoal and wood burning cookers.  Their DigiQ temperature controls and Onyx Charcoal Oven have become mainstays at BBQ competitions around the world.  The company currently has four different temperature control devices for sale on its website.


The BBQ Guru is the maker of high quality, accurate, and reliable competitive and backyard BBQ cooking tools and products. The company was the first to introduce a line of temperature controls for charcoal and wood-burning cookers. In 2010, the BBQ Guru BBQ Team was named #2 in the world at the Jack Daniels Championship for its consistently mouth-watering barbecue, cooked with its own temperature controls and products. BBQ Guru temperature controls, cookers, and other equipment are made in the USA. More information can be found at www.TheBBQGuru.com or www.Facebook.com/TheBBQGuru.

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