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Last week, I traveled down to South Georgia to pick up some BBQ equipment. From where I live in Montgomery County, PA, the trip to Georgia is a pretty straight shot – just a little bit under 1000 miles down I-95.


As I’ve done countless times while traveling on the competitive BBQ circuit, I hit cruise control a few miles outside of Philadelphia and let my truck do the work.

Cruise control always makes my trips much easier. I love the feeling of the truck shifting gears when it’s going up an incline or downshifting when it’s hurdling down a hill. I always know it’ll keep me on course to reach my destination at the speed I need.

Somewhere around Baltimore, I started comparing: The DigiQ and the rest of BBQ Guru’s temperature control devices are the cruise control for the BBQ enthusiast! Think about it – choosing the temperature for your cooker is choosing the speed you want to travel.  The fan feeding the fire and laying back are the gears shifting to keep the car at the specified speed. Cruise control keeps you from burning your food (getting a speeding ticket) or cooking it for too long (arriving late) and it allows you to relax and enjoy the trip (all while keeping a careful eye on the road, of course).

So when you are tailgating this football season or just having guests over on a nice fall weekend, opt for cruise control by using the DigiQ. Sit back, enjoy the scenery, and let the BBQ Guru get your food to the temperature you want it to be. I promise you and your passengers will love the destination!

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