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The Company that Invented the First Temperature Control Device for Low and Slow Barbequing Presents Its Own Cooker

June 15, 2011 (Warminster, PA) – BBQ Guru, the company that invented the first technology of its kind to control cooking temperatures for charcoal or wood-burning cookers, today announced the release of its cooker, The Onyx Oven. This easy-to-use charcoal oven is extremely fuel efficient, with the ability to run for over 20 hours on seven pounds of charcoal. The Onyx Oven is the first cooker to come with a custom made DigiQ temperature control, making it the most accurate and reliable on the market.


“The engineering and cooking teams at The BBQ Guru have been working hard on the design and function of the new Onyx Oven,” said Director of Marketing, Bob Trudnak. “We wanted a cooker that was extremely efficient and rugged, yet lightweight and versatile. After building many prototypes and cooking on them week after week at BBQ competitions around the country, we are ready to release the Onyx Oven.  No other cooker available on the market today offers the quality of this design with the accuracy that comes with a DigiQ temperature control.  This oven makes great BBQ every time.”

The 90 lb. Onyx Oven holds four 13”x22” shelves with an ideal capacity for backyard BBQ enthusiasts and competition BBQers alike. For any outdoor cook, the Onyx Oven allows the chef to use many cooking styles including:
Jerky drying
Cold smoking cheese, fish, etc.
Slow cooked barbeque (pulled pork, brisket, ribs, etc.)
Baking breads
Baking casseroles, beans, stews and desserts
Roasting meats and vegetables
Grilling steaks, burgers, brats and more

The Onyx Oven’s insulated, double wall construction makes it very fuel efficient, allowing for long burn times with very low charcoal consumption. The stainless steel catering pan can be used as a removable water/drip pan. This gives the Onyx Oven the ability to be used as a water smoker, a dry smoker, a grill or even a warming oven. The Onyx Oven is currently available on the company’s website, packaged with a DigiQ control system for $1175. If you already own a control, it can be purchased for $995.

BBQ Guru has become a trusted name in BBQ over the past seven years. The company’s engineers invented the first technology of its kind that allows charcoal or wood-burning cookers to be controlled within two degrees of accuracy, making them as reliable as ovens. The Onyx Oven joins a wide selection of high-quality BBQ Guru products, making it the go-to company for all competitive and backyard BBQ cooking tools and products.

About BBQ Guru
BBQ Guru is the maker of high-quality, accurate, and reliable competitive and backyard BBQ cooking tools and products.  The company was the first to introduce a line of temperature controls for charcoal- and wood-burning cookers.  In 2010, the BBQ Guru BBQ Team was named #2 in the world for its consistently mouth-watering BBQ, cooked with its own temperature controls and products.  BBQ Guru temperature controls, oven, and other equipment are made in the USA.  More information can be found at www.TheBBQGuru.com or www.Facebook.com/TheBBQGuru or see the Onyx Oven web site at www.onyxoven.com.

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